Smart Massager | For Headaches, and Migraines

Helps a busy mother like me "naturally" melt away headaches and stress in just 5 minutes.
"If you're like me and you get a lot of headaches and stress, or you have children, I seriously cannot recommend this product anymore. No kidding, the first time I used this Eye Massager, I fell asleep on the couch because it was soo relaxing."
- Alyssa X.

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Benefits other than relieving headaches and stress include:
✅ Relieving Dry Eyes
✅ Getting Rid of Dark Circles
✅ Smoothing Crow's Feet
✅ Eliminating Ocular Edema

▶ Connect via Bluetooth to play your favorite music
▶ About 15 uses per charge
▶ 8 days of battery life
▶ For safety, automatically turns off after 15 minutes
▶ Optional Warm compress mode: 107°F | Approx. 42°C


✔️ Eye Massager
✔️ USB Charging Cable
✔️ Product Manual

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Benefits of the Eye Massager by JusteELLE™

When the brain is used for a long time, the temples start experiencing heavy pressure or pain. This is due to brain fatigue.

The JusteELLE™ Smart Eye Massager can help alleviate:

✅Headaches, Migraines, and Sinus Pressure
✅Dry & Tired Eyes
✅Insomnia & Sleeping Problems
✅Stress & Anxiety
✅Eye Bags & Dark Under-Eye Circles a matter of minutes.

Heating Function for Radiant and Bright Eyes

With a gentle heat option ranging between 104 -107°F (40 - 42 °C), our eye massager provides a hot towel experience, which improves oxygen and blood circulation, restores your eye's ciliary muscles, reduces inflammation, and awakens the body’s natural healing properties.

In turn, you alleviate visual pressure, relieve eye fatigue, and reduce dark circles.

Tip: Can be toggled ON or OFF with one click

How It Works - (4 Modes for Every Occasion)

Simply double-click the power button to change between modes

Mode 1 - Ultimate Relaxation

Mode 2 - Gives Your Eyes a Refresh

Mode 3 - Gives You Power and Energy

Mode 4 - Helps You Sleep in less than 10 min

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Eye Massager effective?

When you're feeling stressed out, a few minutes with an eye massager can be the perfect way to relax and ease mental tension. This Eye massager stimulates specific areas of concern around one's eye while also providing them relief at nearby acupoints - it is almost like having two therapists working simultaneously!

The design ensures maximum comfort and its built-in systems allow for heat or vibration, depending on what you need at any given time!

I'm in front of screens a lot, will this help?

A lot of people are starting to have serious eye problems due to various reasons including excessive screen time. Our Smart Eye Massager helps against these problems by improving blood circulation around your eyes, preventing premature aging effects, and helping you remove dark circles.

The massager can also open up pores for deeper penetration by skincare products, allowing them to perform better. It also calms down connective tissues so they don’t turn into physical long-term health issues.

Is the Eye Massager safe to use?

During product development, this Eye Massager has been tested to ensure both quality and safety.

The built-in timer powers off the device after 15 minutes of continuous use. We recommend that you don't exceed 30 minutes of total time per day for safety purposes!

You can wear the Massager with contact lenses but NOT with the heating modes. If you find that it causes discomfort, we recommend removing them for the duration of the session (or until everything feels better). The device can also work well when lash extensions are applied; however, if they irritate any skin please stop using them immediately!

Note: We do not advise using the massager if you suffer from cataracts, have undergone an eye operation, have retina condition, etc.

How do I clean it?

Because of its soft lining, you can easily wipe off any dust with a dry cloth.

For stubborn stains, it's best to first wipe with a soft cloth containing diluted neutral lotion. Then wipe it dry with a dry cloth.

Note: Do not wash it directly with water.

Why JusteELLE?

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